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Why Tinkaly?

You’ve already been finding ways around this awkward, post potty training stage, right? so you’re probably asking yourself, why do I need a Tinkaly - Portable Urinal For Kids?

Imagine these 3 situations;

  • You’re at the gate at an airport waiting to board the plane.
  • You’re at a local shopping mall and there's a queue for the toilet.
  • You’re in the car, on the motorway.

And your child says “I really need to wee”
What do you do? Panic & tell your little one to “hold on, we’re nearly there”?
We all know nothing you say matters when they really gotta go!

That’s why you need Tinkaly.

With Tinkaly, your child can wee wherever they are without panic or stress.

Tinkaly is discreet, compact, anti-leak and easy to clean.
To use it, just open the lid, release the anti-leak valves & place over your child's genitals.
When they’re done simply; close the lid, secure the anti-leak valve and you’re done!

  • No more mad rushes to find a toilet, or bush.
  • No more packing spare clothes in preparation for a toilet accident.
  • and no more pull ups!

Your child can go out confidently, knowing that if they need to do a wee they can, without worry.

So what are you waiting for? Order your Tinkaly now.

Our Guarantee
If your child doesn’t love their Tinkaly, just send it back, unused, for a hassle free, no questions asked refund! T&C's apply.

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